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The modern car engine is highly complex with a central ECU which controls everything from the ratio of fuel to the control of power. And while this means that modern engines are incredibly efficient, when they do go wrong then you need specialist equipment in order to diagnose the fault. At The Garage, we have the latest electronic diagnostic equipment to read OBD error codes and have the knowledge to correctly identify faults.

Since 2009 we have been diagnosing customer engine and ECU problems in Glenrothes and the surrounding areas and providing a cost-effective repair service. From engine warning lights and intermittent faults to tuning and engine performance improvements, we can carry out a full range of diagnostic and repair services.

ECU fault finding

If an engine warning light has come on your dashboard then give us a call as failing to take action could lead to an expensive repair cost that could have been avoided. There are many faults that could cause a warning light to come on from a simple sensor failure to a more serious problem such as a blocked diesel particulate filter. Early diagnostics will help to identify the problem and make sure that it is fixed before it turns into a major issue.

Some of the common faults that we can diagnose and fix include:

  • ABS brake problems
  • Airbag warning lights
  • DPF warnings
  • Ignition problems
  • Engine management issues
  • Central locking trouble

Our mechanics have years of experience carrying out diagnostic checks on all types and makes of vehicles and can quickly identify the root cause of any warning light or engine fault. With engines made up of hundreds of parts, it can be tricky identifying the problem without a proper diagnostic check. If a warning light has appeared on your dashboard and doesn’t disappear after restarting your car, then give us a call on 01592 750 778 and let our friendly team help.